Sunday, May 4, 2008

One step closer to listing...

Yea - the sun is shining to day...almost too bright as you can see hard shadows...but at least it's shining!
So, I took a look around and wondered what to use to take pics on...ok, so my book thongs are book marks so I will need a book...but, they're also beaded so I need to show off those beads. I ended up grabbing a nickel (think silver, think reflective) platter that's in my china cabinet (yes, I have a china cabinet...actually - I have 2 at home, and one I'll be buying from my dad but that's a story for another day). The tags I'm putting my book thongs on are (IMHO) really neat - my creation as well. I found some neat quotes about books, and incorporated those into the tags. Printed them out on the back side of scrapbook paper and laminated them. Then, I just cut 2 slits into this laminated bookmark so it will hold my beaded book thong and wa-la, you have 2 bookmarks in 1!
So, I took pics of my beaded bookmarks on these tags. Then, but the book thong on a book and took pics as well. And, do those beads reflect in that platter! Love 'em!!
So, that took care of one step - the pics... and step two is taken care of as well as my batteries didn't die while outside.
I still need to write descriptions...should be able to get a few of those done yet tonight...hmmm...I do still need to get to the grocery store (can it wait until tomorrow????)...

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  1. Ah yes, the never ending to-do list, I know the feeling. At least you are one step closer! Great idea with the bookmarks!