Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Are You Addicted To Supplies" ????

Well, as Homer Simpson would say, "Duh!"

I must give credit for this title to lucie39 over at Etsy. She is the one who started a forum thread with this title this past Friday evening... check it out at . It is hilarious!
So, I've decided to try and name the top 5 supplies "we" all seem to be addicted to...
#5 Buttons
#4 Paper
#3 Yarn
#2 Fabric
and the top addiction?

#1 Beads
But, I can't leave it here...I must list the many other items that were mentioned: glitter, ink, chain, books, wire, paints, ploymer clay, tools, leather, feathers, zippers, glass, essential oils, roving, knitting needles and canvas!

There are some really neat things that were said... excuses we all use?
"No honey, that's not new - had it forever!"
" ... it was really bad when I work at (craft store) it was an everyday fix"
"I spread these buttons all over my bed and rolled around in them"

It was agreed that many of us are in need of some sort of 12-step program...if you know of one, come on over to Etsy, find this forum thread and get us all some help!


  1. There's a thread about this over at Etsy? How, oh how, did I ever miss it? Not that I would have posted on it had I seen it.


  2. Ah-HA!Trying to pretend you haven't posted on that thread,JeweledRabbit??? When we all know you are a addict!!
    Great blog,btw,Thatissocute!

  3. BEADS! I can totally understand this. I'm glad the are small, because I could not get away with collecting them if they were bigger.