Friday, August 7, 2009


Fortunately my daughter successfully completed her university class in Barcelona, Spain and is coming home!

Unfortunately she missed her pre-arranged & prepaid ride to the airport.

Fortunately she was able to call a cab.

Unfortunately she had to pay for the cab.

Fortunately she had some money.

Unfortunately she went to the wrong airline counter to check in.

Fortunately she found the right airline counter.

Unfortunately she was too late to catch her flight.

Fortunately the airline was able to book her on another flight.

Unfortunately she has to wait a whole day to fly out.

Fortunately she is able to stay 1 more night with the same lady she boarded with.

Unfortunately she needs a lot more money to pay for the additional charges to chang her ticket.

Fortunately she can call mom & dad.

Unfortunately this means mom needs to get to the bank this morning.

Fortunately mom & dad have an emergency fund and can get her the money.

Unfortunately our son has his final T-ball game at noon so we have to be ready to head over there after doing the banking…and we can’t find his glove.

Fortunately we called dad who found it in his truck.

Unfortunately we now have to drive across town to pick it up.

Fortunately we have time (barely) to do this.

Unfortunately my van won’t start!

Fortunately we have an extra vehicle.

Unfortunately I don’t have a key to that vehicle.

Fortunately my oldest daughter is living at home and has a vehicle that I can borrow.

Unfortunately this leaves her without a vehicle.

Fortunately we were able to quickly get our banking done and head over to pick up the t-ball glove. Dad said he’d leave the truck unlocked.

Unfortunately he left the keys in the door of the truck!

Fortunately the truck, keys and the glove are all still there.

Unfortunately I have to interrupt dad’s meeting to return his keys to him.

Fortunately we make it to the game in time.

Unfortunately I still have to change my daughter’s ticket home from Sunday to Monday.

Fortunately I can find my ticket information with the phone number to call to make changes.

Unfortunately it sounds like my call ended up in a foreign country.

Fortunately I’m pretty used to listening to accents.

Unfortunately it’s going to cost quite a bit to change this flight.

Fortunately the person at the other end suggests I simply cancel the flight and received a credit to be used later…and then book a completely new flight.

Unfortunately I can’t find a cheap ticket into our town. I end up buying one an hour’s drive away. Half the price.

Fortunately I think all the flight rescheduling is finished. I forward the flight confirmation to my daughter.

Unfortunately my daughter did not forward her new flight information to me so I have no idea when she’s supposed to be back in the States.

Fortunately she calls home Sunday night to let us know she’s at her cousin’s house. Yippie!

Unfortunately she can’t read the email with her next flight information.

Fortunately I can just email the information to her.

Unfortunately she doesn’t call me to let me know she’s made her flight. But, we figure no news is good news.

Fortunately I have time to get home from work and put together the Lasagna she requested for dinner.

Unfortunately it’s not finished before we have to head out of town to pick her up. Hope her dad remembers to turn the oven off!

Fortunately the trip to pick her up goes well. She arrives. All of her luggage arrives. We have a safe trip home. The lasagna is perfect and still warm.

Welcome home!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

How do You Store Your Fabric Stash? I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs today. One of my very favorites is "Just Something I Made" by Cathe Holden. She comes up with some of the most amazing ideas! Anyway, I'm browsing today...and this post catches my attention. And I'm not even a sewer...nor do I collect fabric like so many of my Etsy teammates. Guys - you have GOT to check this out!!

I'll be waiting for your own pics!