Monday, August 25, 2008

Antique Roadshow - con't

So, I was expecting to stand for hours and hours in line...happily, that was not the case! Our time was 9:00 AM and it was recommended that we get there about 30 or so minutes before that. We got there right at 8:30 (after making sure to have breakfast & coffee!). Looked like we were the 2nd main group. There were still several lines left of the 8:00 group. Many people brought chairs. I'm glad we didn't as we really didn't have time to sit. We might have been at a stand still for a few minutes..but then we move right along a few feet.

After only 1 hour, we were at the front of the line...the front of this line that is! We were at the area where they gave us tickets telling us which lines to take our items to. We had: photography, Asian Arts, and pottery/porcelain. So, off to photography we went. This is where we waited the longest...close to 30 minutes. And we were only about the 5th ones in this line. However, I think our expert had taken a break. After she returned, things moved along much faster. Then we hit Pottery/Porcelain only to be told that my tea set was worth about $125.00. Off to Asian Arts where I was told my bookends were worth about $30.00. We were done! In about 1 more hour.

Hey, this gave us time to take in an antique store, the local farmer's market, check out a new restaurant for lunch, and a few more stores...and still get home when hubbies were expecting us. All in all it was a fun day. I hope I can do it again sometime!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Antique Road Show

So...a few months ago, one of my friends asked me to apply for tickets for the Antique Roadshow as it was coming to Grand Rapids for the very first time. I didn't want to at first as I'm not a huge antique-y person. But I did...I figured she and her husband could go. Of all of the people she asked to apply for tickets, I was the only one lucky enough to win a pair. And since her husband didn't want to go, I went...and am I glad I did!

Figured as long as I was going, I might as well bring a few first, I could only think of one thing to bring: a set of Snow White & seven dwarfs figurines that my mom bought years ago at an Estate Sale. Here they are:
But, these have absolutely no markings on the bottom...and quickly browsing some collector website, I couldn't find anything like them...leading me to think they might be everyday ordinary figurines.

So, I looked around and spotted a couple of other items I'm interested in learning more about. I took a few quick pictures and put them on Flickr...then went to the Etsy forums and asked which of the three people thought I should bring. Here are the other 2 items:
A Japenese teaset and Indonesian carved wooden book ends.
Almost everyone said I should bring the teaset and the bookends...and that was my gut feeling so that's what I brought.
Stay tuned for more later!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Etsy Day in Grand Rapids

So...if you're familiar with the Grand Rapids Michigan area, you have probably heard about the Fulton Street Farmer's Market. It's been there as long as I can remember and I'ved lived here over 27 years!

What you might not have heard about is the Fulton Street Artisan Market (FSAM). Same place. Takes place on Sundays from 11-3. Artisan's only. And, on August 17th, it's going to feature our local West Michigan Etsy Artisans. How neat is that?

Come on out on the'll be some great shopping.