Monday, May 12, 2008

Look soon for a Give-Away right here!

I'm giving serious thought to starting a monthly give away on my blog. The serious thought part has to do with how I'd like to manage this....what my blog readers will have to do to be eligible...and what I'd like to give away.

When I've got all the details worked out, I'll post them here, in my Etsy profile as well as on Win Crafty.

Right now I'm thinking of having readers submit a hink pink or a hinky you know what those are? They're actually kind of fun. Hinky-Pinky is an old-time word game. The object of the game is simple. Given a clue, you must guess the two word answer. The trick is that the answer contains two words that are equal in the number of syllables and those two words must rhyme. The title Hinky-Pinky implies the answers will contain two syllables. One syllable answers are called Hink-Pinks while three syllable answers are called Hinkety-Pinketies. Here are some examples:

one who lives in basement: cellar dweller
ill young chicken: sick chick
sound slumber : deep sleep
bloody tale: gory story
cook who cannot hear: deaf chef
master of sailing ship: clipper skipper
seat for a rabbit: hare chair
loyal color: true blue
noisy mob of people: loud crowd
shining sun: bright light
clever prank: slick trick
clever detective: super snooper

So, start trying to come up with some original Hink Pinks, Hinky Pinkys and Hinkety Pinketies!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Melting Pot

Have you ever been to the Melting Pot Restaurant? Whoa, I love it! This love affair began a number of years ago when my sisters and I went to the Melting Pot in Asheville NC. Now, at the time, 3 of us lived in Michigan and 2 of us lived in Florida. We started doing a "SOV" weekend every other year. SOV stands for "Sisters On Vacation". We love our SOV time. We pick an interesting location between Michigan & Florida and spend about 4 days together. For us Michigan girls, the trip begins in the car on the way down. Lots of talking, lots of singing, lots of laughing!

Well, this trip, we stayed a couple of days in Gatlinburg, TN; then moved over the Great Smokey Mountains to Asheville NC for one night. And, that one night found us having dinner at the Melting Pot. It was great! We took our time (probably 3 hours overall) ordering and eating. We started with the cheese fondue...salads...main course...and ended with the chocolate fondue. Wow! Just Wow!

We also checked out some stores nearby, and found the neatest furniture store...if I ever win the lottery, I'm so going back there!

Well, a few months ago, our NAWIC chapter #194 did a new fundraiser. We were each given $20 in seed money to "grow". There was a great prize for the person who grew the most from their seed money - a gift certificate to a great restaurant... Don't get ahead of me now! Well, I wanted to try to win that. So, I made handmade chocolates and Kahlua Kits. We held a couple of mini-bazaars where we could sell. I sold most of my chocolates and Kahlua Kits. Then, for a later bazaar, I made my book thongs. They sold great! After the money was tallied, I was declared the winner! And, I got this wonderful gift certificate to (ok, you guessed it!) The Melting Pot.

Next weekend, I'm off to Orlando for a conference...followed by a couple of vacation days. Those vacation days will be spent at my dads, helping him go through years of accumulation and helping clean his house. Most of my sisters will be be helping as well. As a reward, I've suggested we take ourselves out to dinner at the Melting Pot!!

Mmmmm...can't wait!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

One step closer to listing...

Yea - the sun is shining to day...almost too bright as you can see hard shadows...but at least it's shining!
So, I took a look around and wondered what to use to take pics on...ok, so my book thongs are book marks so I will need a book...but, they're also beaded so I need to show off those beads. I ended up grabbing a nickel (think silver, think reflective) platter that's in my china cabinet (yes, I have a china cabinet...actually - I have 2 at home, and one I'll be buying from my dad but that's a story for another day). The tags I'm putting my book thongs on are (IMHO) really neat - my creation as well. I found some neat quotes about books, and incorporated those into the tags. Printed them out on the back side of scrapbook paper and laminated them. Then, I just cut 2 slits into this laminated bookmark so it will hold my beaded book thong and wa-la, you have 2 bookmarks in 1!
So, I took pics of my beaded bookmarks on these tags. Then, but the book thong on a book and took pics as well. And, do those beads reflect in that platter! Love 'em!!
So, that took care of one step - the pics... and step two is taken care of as well as my batteries didn't die while outside.
I still need to write descriptions...should be able to get a few of those done yet tonight...hmmm...I do still need to get to the grocery store (can it wait until tomorrow????)...

"Are You Addicted To Supplies" ????

Well, as Homer Simpson would say, "Duh!"

I must give credit for this title to lucie39 over at Etsy. She is the one who started a forum thread with this title this past Friday evening... check it out at . It is hilarious!
So, I've decided to try and name the top 5 supplies "we" all seem to be addicted to...
#5 Buttons
#4 Paper
#3 Yarn
#2 Fabric
and the top addiction?

#1 Beads
But, I can't leave it here...I must list the many other items that were mentioned: glitter, ink, chain, books, wire, paints, ploymer clay, tools, leather, feathers, zippers, glass, essential oils, roving, knitting needles and canvas!

There are some really neat things that were said... excuses we all use?
"No honey, that's not new - had it forever!"
" ... it was really bad when I work at (craft store) it was an everyday fix"
"I spread these buttons all over my bed and rolled around in them"

It was agreed that many of us are in need of some sort of 12-step program...if you know of one, come on over to Etsy, find this forum thread and get us all some help!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Book Thongs are almost here!

Well, actually I have nearly finished 10 of them. Now, I need a couple of things to finish:
1) some good weather to take great pics
2) batteries that last longer than 10 minutes in my camera
3) time and inspiration to write killer descriptions

Item # 1 - We should have some sun tomorrow - yea! I have these old old window (yes, I've stashed some to paint on) I'm thinking of using for pics (to use them as a backdrop); very shabby chic looking. While I'm at it, I need to retake pics of my cat beds. I took those earlier this year and they're awful!
Item # 2 - I did just buy some new rechargeables...hope they're good! I should find out soon - going to my daughter's step show so I'll be taking pics and video.
Item #3 - I think I'll need to wait until the 3 & 4 year olds are either gone or napping or totally engrossed in a movie. There really is no concentrating on something while constantly hearing "mom" and "grandma". Sigh. Well, I could work on that a little tonight while waiting for the step show to start...except, I was going to bring some knitting. dilemna... which do I do? Think I'll bring my knitting AND a notebook.