Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water Bottles...

So...I had a convo today from someone wondering my my chocolate chip bottle cozy will fit her klean kanteen. That got me thinking...after all the reports about how bad plastic bottles are...and the reports of stuff leaching out of many of us no longer use plastic bottles? I love the idea of making a cozy to fit a better product that those water bottles that last forever in our landfills. I think I need to go clearance out my water bottle cozies in anticipation of a more environmental friendly cozy. Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Teaching an old dog new tricks!

Yup...the old dog - that's me!

The new trick? Using to edit my photos.

I've been using the software that came with my Kodak camera. I thought I was doing ok. Knew how to brighten, crop, etc. Still, I wasn't happy with my pics.

Today, about 7 members of my Etsy team met for coffee and to chat. We had a great time and lots of good ideas were thrown out there. I decided to check one out that I've heard before. And that idea was to use Picnik to edit my photos.

I sharpened the picture, added some color to the background, changed the edges and added my shop name. What do you think? Are you more likely to click on the before or after picture?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yarn Grafitti?

One of my Etsy team members posted a link to this story. Check it out. If you're a knitter or crocheter, you'll probably enjoy it. Please, take a few minutes to read the comments left behind. I found those to be even funnier!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day!

April Fools Day is here again. I'm not the kind who typically plays practical jokes on family & friends. Well, not too often! I have one sister who is able to pull off fantstic jokes - usually at her husband's expense.

For example, one year she went to the grocery store, bought a portabello mushroom and gently placed it in her front yard. When her husband came home from work, she made some excuse about going outside and made sure he saw her "find" said mushroom. She made a big deal of "picking" it, and as she was trying to bring it into the house, he was at the door blocking her way! She was telling him that since they were having burgers for dinner anyway, she would add this mushroom. He's going nuts, exclaiming that it could be poisonous! She finally 'fessed up and admitted she bought it at the grocery store.

Another year, she "soiled" the toilet in his bathroom with a brownie...and left it looking that way. He has a sensative stomach and was very upset when he saw that and nearly lost his lunch. I don't think he was much happier when she told him it was only a brownie!

I have to admit, I did get her one time...not on April Fools Day though. We were sharing an apartment and working different shifts. While she was at work on 2nd shift, I was involved in an accident and totaled my car. Had it towed back to our apartment. Called her to see if I could borrow her car the next morning to go to work because "I had a flat tire". Well, techinically, it was true - my tire was flat! Oh, that passenger side door that is now INSIDE the car - yea, that's not good either. She wasn't too happy with me, but happy that I was fine.

So...what are you doing tomorrow?