Monday, March 24, 2008

So little time...

Wow - I can't believe I still haven't been able to finish all of my cell phone cozies...I've finished about 5 but can't get nice pictures yet. Bought new felting needles but haven't found the time to finish needle felting. Still have this great idea rolling around in my head that I haven't gotten too yet either!

One reason: health - not mine but my husband's. He found out he had bronchitis/pnemonia. Got on meds for that...but still is weak and doing lots of coughing.

Another reason: cotillion - not mine but my daughter's. She has been taking classes, writing her essay, and selling ads for this great event. I've been running around spending money for, dress cleaning, hoop rental (yes, I said we had to rent hoops to go under the dress!), get her hair done, tux rental for the went on and on it seems! But, it all came together last night. Out of the 31 participants, she won the essay contest! How neat is this? She also won 1 of 11 scholarships given out. I'm so proud of her! I'll post a picture when I get a good one loaded on my computer.

This week we are off to Washington DC for her college open house. I'm hoping after that, that things will slow down here...but I know that high school graduation is not far off for her.

Wish us luck with all of this!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bigger Than A Cozy; Smaller Than A Bag: What Is It?

So, I'm on the etsy forums and we are looking at the shop of the person who posted before us, and we're supposed to make a suggestion of something new they could put in their shop. Which is a really great idea for a forum post anyway!! And someone suggested that I make bags...and my response is "there are so many sellers who make fabulous purses" and then she tells me she means something small enough to carry a few little items...and I think I can enjoy trying this out! Smaller means I don't have to worry about lining a purse (since I HATE sewing!). They could match my bottle cozies and my cell phone cozies....whoa! I'd better go look through some books and come up with a plan!


Monday, March 3, 2008

So, I've been mulling over a new idea...

and I'm not sure how to carry it out. It would involve making laminated , well I'll just call them laminated charms. Something I will make or salvage and then laminate. Then turn into charms for earrings and/or other jewelry.

Something funky. Something unique. Something trendy. There, did I confuse you yet?

One of my daughters suggested that I do earrings, with 1 saying (or implying) screw and the other saying (or implying) you. I'm just not sure that's the message I want to be sending...selling...know what I mean?

back to the drawing board for me!

ewww, the flu!

Well, I have not been able to get back to my cell phone cozies to finish any of them! My little guy (4 years old) came down with the flu last weekend...and was fighting a fever for several days. It would come & go, but you could tell he wasn't feeling himself. I stayed home with him on Tuesday (the worst day) and he took 4 naps! The rest of the week, he just wanted to cuddle up with me when I came home. He's finally almost better (a slight cough is lingering) but his appetite is back and so is his energy!

Of course, towards the end of last week, his dad came down with it. And over this past weekend, I came down with it! So, no crafting for me in over a week!

Here's hoping you all stay healthy!!