Saturday, May 3, 2008

Book Thongs are almost here!

Well, actually I have nearly finished 10 of them. Now, I need a couple of things to finish:
1) some good weather to take great pics
2) batteries that last longer than 10 minutes in my camera
3) time and inspiration to write killer descriptions

Item # 1 - We should have some sun tomorrow - yea! I have these old old window (yes, I've stashed some to paint on) I'm thinking of using for pics (to use them as a backdrop); very shabby chic looking. While I'm at it, I need to retake pics of my cat beds. I took those earlier this year and they're awful!
Item # 2 - I did just buy some new rechargeables...hope they're good! I should find out soon - going to my daughter's step show so I'll be taking pics and video.
Item #3 - I think I'll need to wait until the 3 & 4 year olds are either gone or napping or totally engrossed in a movie. There really is no concentrating on something while constantly hearing "mom" and "grandma". Sigh. Well, I could work on that a little tonight while waiting for the step show to start...except, I was going to bring some knitting. dilemna... which do I do? Think I'll bring my knitting AND a notebook.


  1. isn't it nice finishing things? hope you can get that all to work out :)

  2. thanks babylyons...otherwise doesn't it just nibbles at the back of your mind that ..."you should be doing such & such..."