Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too much????

Ok now, I love to knit but this is carrying things too far!  To me, this just raises lots of questions...
  • who has that much time on their hands? 
  • not to mention who has that much yarn?  OK, this I actually do understand - it's called MY STASH!
  • how did they get this tree to stand still for a fitting? 
  • how to get this over/on those top branches???? 
  • what kind of yarn is this? 
  • how many times did they have to redo a section because the fit was all wrong?
  • did they check their guage?
I am seriously impressed and a bit appalled... I know...this is probably crochet and not knit...but still!


  1. Oh, my word! I have seen sign cozies for city street signs, but this is just insane! I hope it was a collaboration.

  2. i think its awesome :) and though i love to knit, i can't imagine ever starting anything like it!

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! Talk about being creative. Think about how many times they had to climb the tree, or maybe they just stayed up there one branch at a time having their food and water hauled up and hummmm...others things brought down. Truly inspirational to have the persistence and drive to complete this incrediable accomplishment.