Saturday, June 27, 2009

Survived the Garage Sale!

Wow...we're done with our 2 day garage sale. After postponing it twice (because we weren't prepared!) we ended up with our first day being one of the hottest of the year. The garage sale went fairly nice...once we got set up and jumped over the hurdles life threw in our way!

My poor friend though. We were holding the sale at the home of her husband's aunt.

Thursday...when they got there Thursday morning, the Aunt was feeling very poorly. Friend's DH took her to the ER...her blood pressure was extremely high. Of course, Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far and there is no air conditioning in the house. After getting her taken care of at the ER, he brought her back home...where she slept most of the day. We carried on with the sale.

Friday morning...when I arrived, my friend was calling the doctor's office as the aunt was feeling poorly again. DH took to in and got her taken care of again. Did I mention this lady is 92? Brought her back home...made sure she was eating and drinking. All looked good.

Friday late afternoon...we were starting to pack up when the aunt told my friend that her doctor's office had called and wanted her to go in to the ER for some tests...and we were like "they called at 6???" My friend went in to call the doctor's office - they were closed. She called the ER and they didn't know anything about it. She figured she'd call the doctor's office back in the morning and find out more. We went back to packing up. A couple of minutes later, we hear a siren. I joked "I hope your aunt didn't call 911!" The siren got closer and closer and by the time we could see it, it was slowing down....and turning into our drive!! Goodness!

Long story short: I still don't know much of the details of how that ambulance was called - my friend ended up scooting right out to take her aunt to the ER...I finished packing up the garage sale and headed home. All I know right now is that they are all OK this morning and I'm tired!

Oh, I did get a rock tumbler for myself at the sale!!!

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