Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slightly Twisted Words

One letter spelling changes that provide a whole new meaning.

Skilljoy: The friend who's just a little bit better than you at everything.
Larger-Than-Wife: How a husband prudently describes other women.
IOUprofen: The economy's current drug of choice.
Loingerie: Underwear for men.
Igloot: Cold, hard, cash.
Limpostor: A perfectly healthy person who borrows a car with handicapped tags or plates.
Insulatte: The little cardboard sleeve around the coffee cup.
Knewledge: All the stuff you've forgotten.

Ok, you know I didn't make these up. I got them from my daily email called Mark's Musings. Click here if you want to subscribe. [selected from the Washington Post Style Invitational]


  1. Great twisted words...thanks for the morning smile!