Thursday, April 17, 2008

Introducing: Pretty Pockets

So, I've blogged a while back about having finished knitting more cell phone cozies...and felted them...but needed to finish them up. Well, I finally accomplished that! I needle felted the ones without fun fur (that is once I had bought more felting needles). Added grommets, ribbon and buttons or beads. Took pictures. Took measurements. Wrote out descriptions. And finally started to list them.

While I was listing them, I had one of those moments....and asked myself "Why am I calling these cell phone cozies?" That is so limiting! So, I changed their name to "Pretty Pockets". This came about because I used the name pocket in the description of the 2 denim looking cozies. And it hit me! Wow - these really are pockets...I can put my business cards in them; I could put my MP3 player in it if I had an MP3 player; I can put a small digital camera in it; I can put a small notebook/pen in it and hang it up - I keep thinking of more uses! This is great.

So, I renamed my "cell phone cozies" store section to my "Pretty Pockets" section. Come on over and check them out!

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