Sunday, February 17, 2008

My newest idea: book thongs!

yup, you read that right - book thongs. I recently made up 9 of these for a mini bazaar we did at one of our NAWIC membership meeting ( This was a fund raiser using the chapter's seed money and a competition to see who could turn the seed money into the most money raised. Results have not been announce yet. I participated in 2 mini bazaars. At the first on in December, I made Kahlua Kits and homemade chocolates. They went pretty well. At the February bazaar, I brought more Kahlua Kits (yea! they were requested this month!) and my own creation Book Thongs.

How did I do? I sold 8 of the 9 book thongs! I plan on making some more soon to list in my Etsy store. I had to demonstrate as most people got a confused look on their face when I tried to explain how to use them...mind you, this is the ONLY way I would/will ever demonstrate a thong! LOL

I came up with what I think is the neatest way to display these. I made what is almost another bookmark. On this, I wrote the product name, a saying about reading, and my Etsy store address. Then I laminated them! Cut two slits to slip the book thong through and wa laa - it's done.
Here a picture...


  1. cool, I know my mom likes book thongs a lot

  2. I only have one question - When will they be up in the shop so I can get one?? They are soo cute (hence the name, I suppose) and the packaging looks great. I see these being a big success.

  3. Hi trublue! I only still have the 1 right now. Have to work on some. Thought I might get the chance today since I'm home with my sick son today. He's finally feeling a bit better after 4 naps on my lap...maybe tonight I can get some done.