Friday, December 28, 2007


Ok, my sisters and I all decided a number of years ago that instead of buying for each other at Christmas, we would make something for each other instead. It's worked out great. It's so fun to see what everyone else has made. It fun trying to come up with an idea that no one has done yet.

Let me try to remember what I've made in the past...
- I painted floorcloths one year (when I look back now they were not very good!).
- I painted paper mache boxes - those turned out pretty good considering I knew very little about painting at the time. Let's see...they were all different: gingerbread man; mom & dad moose; and angel; a snowman.
- One year I did reverse glass paint on large glass platters - and they were Halloween pics!
- One year I knitted "wristies" - the are cuffs that slip over the hand and go under your coat sleeves - they keep the wind out.
- One year I painted on snow shovels - the "will work for snow" and was a bit of a challenge getting several of them to Florida - thank goodness one sister was driving to Florida that year and could take them with!!
- One year I did a variety of things...a put together a "sisters" CD with a collection of my fav; I made a couple of "bath teas"; and I can't remember tonight what else I did that year.
- One year I made the felted water bottle cozy I sell in my Etsy shop.

I think I'm missing a few year...if'when I remember I'll add that.

Which brings me back to the title of this post...birdhouses. This year I knitted/felted birdhouse ornaments. They turned out so cute. I also made a game out of painted dice.

I'm working on making more birdhouse ornaments and will put them in my shop once they are done. Please check them out!

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